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So, I’m 28… February 8, 2009

Posted by Trisha Lyn Fawver in General Rambling.
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I’m not really feeling any different. Last year I had a bit of a crisis turning 27, though I wasn’t sure why. This year I feel, dare I say, good about turning 28. At the same time, I can’t imagine ever thinking I’d make it to 28. Not sure why… was just a weird feeling when I was young. Didn’t think past like 24.

Regardless, my birthday on Friday was spent in a webinar for an hour and a half for work that couldn’t be scheduled for another time, then playing a lot of Animal Crossing City Folk and chilling on the couch the rest of the day. When Dominic came home we went to dinner and then he went to a meeting for the model train club he recently joined.

Saturday was the day of the actual celebration. We went to eat at a burger joint in Dublin called Athens Burgers… meh it was ok, but nothing spectacular. Then the main event – comedian Christopher Titus at Tommy T’s.

So fucking awesome. I was crying I was laughing so hard, and Dominic enjoyed it as well. Both of us were fans of his show Titus in the early 2000’s and I bought him all 3 seasons for Christmas. So after the show we waited in the line for him to sign things and sell t-shirts. Dominic bought a shirt and he signed it, and I brought out the DVD and such a nice guy… he immediately as we’re making conversation pulls the insert out of the box and signed it, opened both cases and signed one of the DVDs themselves in each, then signed the front. And, took this incredibly awesome photo with me:

So I’m 28… and it didn’t go half bad

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