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Sync’d Up Nicely March 5, 2009

Posted by Trisha Lyn Fawver in General Rambling.

As a total side note in between my cruise ramblings, I think I've finally gotten control of my personal blogging.  Some friends follow the MySpace blog, which is an entity in & of itself and my private haven.  But I wanted to share my personal rants elsewhere in more "public" forums… so now I think there's ample area for rambles.

My live journal (which I won't make too public in terms of user name, but if you're reading this on LJ you obviously know who you are…)
My Facebook account.

Thanks to Posterous, I can email a blog post to them and it gets posted to my posterous, my tumblr, my wordpress blog, my live journal blog, a link on twitter, and a link on Facebook.  This is finally a way to kind of master my social media destiny in terms of a place where I can ramble that people can know "me" more than my "professional" blog at http://www.TrishaLyn.com.  I was using Ping.fm for awhile, but that was hard to remember to do and, while at first it worked to post to my MySpace blog, it stopped working right and I haven't been able to figure it out.  So for the time being, Ping is only good when I want to cross post a tweet type message to MySpace.  Otherwise I think I'm going to stop using it for the most part and go on with Posterous, which I can easily post to from my phone via email or from a few other email accounts I've added there.  Convenient, yes!

However, if I start to see crazy amounts of cross redundancy posting or something I'll have to fix that, but for now I think it's all synced up nicely.  The one crappy thing is that ther categories in WordPress will be thrown a bit out the window, but for that I sorta don't really care too much.  But right now, I think this works well and I'll be leaving this be for awhile.  Maybe some day Posterous will support MySpace blogs and then domination will be complete!

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