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Cruise Askew, Night 2 Formal Evening March 11, 2009

Posted by Trisha Lyn Fawver in General Rambling.

I left off in my last chronicle of my Bahamian cruise just about the point where we’d returned to the ship after our day in Freeport.  We all knew when planning for the cruise that one night would be the “Captain’s Dinner” where the attire was formal.  I was sweating this a bit since the last time I had to wear anything “formal” was my wedding almost 6 years ago.  But, I managed to get a dress from Old Navy that could be dressed up as formal, even though it was technically cotton, so I wasn’t too worried once I got the accessories.

It was about 4 once we got back on and talked to some of our traveling companions.  We found out that some people planned on attending the Captain’s cocktail party, which was one of the only times/events on board offering complimentary cocktails.  So Katie & I decided we’d go straight back to our stateroom and get ready for the evening then, assuming it’d take a bit of time for both of us to get cleaned up and gussied up for the formality.

So after getting all pretty, we headed down to the Captain’s Cocktail hour before dinner.  We made a point of going in early to get a booth since we expected more of our travelling group to show up.  Katie and I were sitting in a booth alone for probably 40 mins enjoying several glasses of wine and screwdrivers before Adam, Drena, and Andrew (below) showed up, just in time for the last round of complimentary cocktails and a brief toast. Everyone looked smashing, especially Andrew showcasing his British charm in a tux!

After three drinks and an hour of listening to the ship’s swing band and mocking some poor woman wearing a turquoise dress that looked like the most hideous prom or bridesmaid dress from 1986 with poorly matched black shoes, we floated our way to the dining room to join the rest of our party for the meal.  As I said before, everyone looked smashing.  Dinner this second night was much better quality than dinner the first night.  I think after Gavin’s tongue lashing the evening prior, they were on their toes.  Our server Andy was a pleasure… he was our table’s server all nights and we made sure to tip him extra the final night, even though their tips are technically included in the $10/day Carnival charged for service like the waiters and porters and stewards.

The one thing that bothered the bejesus out of me during dinners in the dining room were the photographers.  I remember after my first adult trip to Las Vegas mentioning that every attraction you go to had a shameless forced photo op trying to sell you the incredibly overpriced prints afterwards.  And on the cruise they pushed that camera in your face every chance they could.  Before we got on the boat in Port Canaveral, after we got onto the boat, every time we got off in port, sometimes twice, photos every night at dinner while you’re trying to eat they go around to every table and take photos of every person or couple, sometimes photos with a showgirl outside the dining room, and an entire corridor of one deck was lined with backdrops and pro photogs asking you if you were interested in taking photos.  And some of the backdrops were HORRIBLE… like it was obviously pixelated from 5 feet away.  I understand if I was looking at it up close and could see the poor quality, but from 5 feet it shouldn’t be visible. 

I digress… it’s the years I spent working at a printing company infiltrating my vacation story!  Anyway the first night I think it was they came around with some ass dressed like a poor facimilie of Capt. Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.  If this was the Disney cruise I’d expect that, but man it was lame.  The night of the fancy dinner they came around again and this was the only night I could really understand them doing it since people don’t normally have many opportunities to get dressed up so a pic would be nice.  Retrospectively the accessories all worked for a fun formal outfit for me, though I should have left the watch off lol.

After dinner they also had a photog set up on the staircase in the main lobby, and we took a nice group shot.

We got a little photo happy afterwards against the wall as some of the couples in our group were busy with the pro taking couples shots on the stairs.

After the photo extravaganza, some people went to play bingo, Katie went to the casino for some blackjack and ended up doubling her money, and I stayed behind in the room to get into some more comfy shorts & a t-shirt and watch some Dark Knight while chilling before having to get up bright and early again the next morning for when we arrived in Nassau.

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