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Eff That Crazy Octo Mom March 13, 2009

Posted by Trisha Lyn Fawver in General Rambling.

I really hate that any idiot who can make the poorest judgment call ever to have eight kids gets a cushy life just THROWN at her.  What has she done to deserve this kind of generosity from people other than be batshit crazy and make a terrible decision to have 8 more kids with 6 at home, half of which are special needs, with zero job and some half assed claim to not be on public assistance?  People should not be rewarded for making such bad choices.  This isn't a matter of a woman wanting a lot of kids.. if you want them and HAVE the means to support them, knock yourself out.  Several relatives of my husband have large familes (6-12 children) but they can support them.  He's the oldest of 12 himself, and while their lives growing up may not have been the lap of luxury, the kids never realized just how broke the family was because they never wanted for anything (wanting a new toy and not getting it doesn't count).  Frequently he'll start telling me some story from his childhood about model railroads with his dad or camping trips they went on or something and add that he had NO clue how they could have afforded all the things they did for the kids.  The fact that the media panders to this kind of attention whoring behavior is just sad as well. 

I'm glad her house got TP'd.  She doesn't deserve that house and got lucky something more serious didn't happen to it.  I'm not saying she should be penalized and her situation made worse for being an idiot, but she certainly shouldn't be rewarded with a nice house in a nice Orange County neighborhood either.  I hate Dr. Phil, but I actually watched an episode a few weeks ago when he was criticizing her hardcore for being so stupid.  I guess I shouldn't have been  surprised to see her go Oprah charity case on her.  Are your surprised with a nut bar like this that two PR people have already quit on her?  The last one even called her nuts!

It irritates me to no end when idiots like her get rewarded for being f'ing stupid.  Apparently the people who support this kind of attention whoring unhealthy behavior, like Dr. Phil and anyone who donated money to her to help buy a house, are stupid too.  Don't get me wrong, I feel for the kids and they shouldn't have to suffer from their mom being a whack job, but she hardly seems entirely fit to be a mother.  If the foster/adoption system weren't so flawed… anyway, I'm rambling.  But there are just so many good, deserving, hard working people that don't get what's coming to them, don't see the benefits from their hard work that they should, whether that's in the form of some windfalls or raises at work or what have you.  Too many people are legitimately deserving of this kind of attention and generosity that don't get it that it makes my blood boil to see this nut get it.

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