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Cruise Askew, Day 3 April 13, 2009

Posted by Trisha Lyn Fawver in General Rambling.

Yes, I know it's been FOR-EV-ER and I'm finally getting a chance to update this bizzle.

So the final day at cruise didn't involve any ports of call or crazy excursions.  It was the "Fun Day at Sea", where the ship is basically making its way back to Port Canaveral from Nassau.  Since we had nothing planned until 1pm that day, Katie and I took advantage and didn't set our alarms.  Since we were so used to getting up though, we were both up around 10:30am I think.  We wandered up to get some lunch and from there it was up to the very top deck to play some mini-golf with the rest of our travel companions.

For one of the first times excluding dinners, our entire travel group of 19 was together to play some mini-golf on the top deck.  There was some discussion on the origins of the term "putt putt" – I guess it's actually a brand of mini-golf chains on the East coast.  We broke up into groups of 4 to play and had some fun.  Throughout the cruise, each day they had a different colored hurricane style plastic glass for sale with the "Drink of the Day" which had discounted refills.  It wasn't that great of a deal, so I got the first days clear glass to go with the similar ones I have from Las Vegas and Miami and was satisfied.  But on this last day we discovered it was more of a theme park strange shaped cup in the shape of the tail of the ship.  So while we were waiting for everyone to finish up their games, Katie went down to get us some.  I thought I made it clear that I wanted a Pina Colada in the cup instead of whatever the drink of the day was (a Yellow Tail?) but she got the DotD and MAN was it fucking strong!  I could only stand to sip at it.  I actually did probably the best I've ever done with a 29.  I have no idea how I pulled it off, other than the course wasn't all that challenging.

Of course there was one obstacle to hit the ball through a hollowed rock… and just Adam's luck, it got stuck.  So he had to improvise.

I think when it was all said and done Joe won with a 26?  I don't remember exactly, but it was basically at that point that we all separated ways to go enjoy various parts of the ship, with plans to meet back at 4:30p for the ship's Movie Theme Trivia game.  Katie really wanted to take advantage of the spa services on the boat, so we went down a deck to find the spa.  Katie had already pretty much decided on a special that was advertised in the daily ship newsletter the previous day.  Unfortunately we were told when we got down there that the specials are daily and don't extend to the next day, which is a bit lame.  She picked out a slightly different package and, after looking at how outrageous the prices were and hearing my wallet groan all the way back in the safe in our stateroom, I decided to wander back to the hotel room.

I made it down to the hotel room and gave up the ghost on the Yellow Tail drink, pouring it down the drain and replacing it with ice and my Mountain Dew that I'd bought while on shore in Freeport.  Since I had an hour or so to kill before Katie would be done with the spa, I decided to wander the ship a bit.  As I was heading down to our stateroom in the first place, I noticed that there was a big crystal sale near the gift shop and I thought I saw some dolphins (which I collect, if you didn't know) so I went back up.  The deal was 2 for $12 which looked pretty solid, so I picked out the two designs they had that were dolphins and took them back down after some other wandering. 

I watched parts of The Dark Knight on TV for the millionth time on the cruise (I swear that's all they were playing) and Katie soon returned from her relaxing massage.  She felt it was worth the money, so rock on.  Later in the afternoon we met up with almost the entire group for one of the events the ship was hosting, Movie Theme Trivia.  As Nicole and I went up to get scorecards for our groups, the guy running it noticed that Nicole and I were wearing the Cruise Askew shirts and asked us about them, which lead to him raggin' on our overly boisterous groups in the back of the room.  We had fun, and ultimately we played as 3 teams (we had an alternate answer sheet since we couldn't decide between two answers for some lol) and ultimately took home the two carnival trophies.  Since the last song was really hard and kinda obscure (Home Alone) and Katie was SO confident of it, we let her have and take home the trophy from our group. 

Right after the trivia there was a very important event to attend – sunset on the Serenity deck.  We all made our way to the rear deck of the ship to watch the sunset on the final night.  It was gorgeous.  Instead of talking a lot about this, I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Andrew's always the wise guy…

Dinner the last night was awesome.  While it wasn't a fancy dinner attire night, we all kind of dressed it up a little.  I rocked one of my favorite outfits ever, and Ed was quite impressed with my gloves.  He kept insisting I tell Crystal where to get some… like, really, insisting lol.  I took the opportunity to order a bottle of the lovely dessert wine that Nicole had ordered the night before to try some for myself… OMG so delightful and sweet and YUM!  And it's LOCAL (to me anyway… the benefits of living so close to California wine country :)).  It's called Quady Electra, a lovely muscat.  We were all delighted by it, and the thread on the View Askew board was alive with talk after we'd all returned home of how to order it online and where to get it.  I'm sad to report that I checked my local Safeway and Lucky stores in hopes they'd have it, and while one had another wine from Quady Winery, they didn't have Electra.  I've yet to check Beverages & More, but if they have it I won't have to order it online.  Yay!

After dinner we all pretty much went back to our cabins before heading to one of the lounges for an "adult comedy magic show".  Even though we got there about half an hour before the show started, the only seats we could get were stools at the bar along the back side of the lounge.  The show was OK, with some jokes definitely funnier than others.  There were a lot of sight gags, so I'm sure the large group of deaf passengers I may have mentioned before that were on board had a good time.  We had some drinks, and some folks had to call it a night early because the boat was REALLY rocking.  More than it had the entire voyage.  The unstableness of the bar stools, combined with the serious rocking of the ship and the alcohol did not lead to good times.  Katie I think had opted against the comedy show in favor of the casino and I made it back to the cabin to pack up, since we'd be disembarking bright and early in the morning.

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