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Pictures from High School May 2, 2009

Posted by Trisha Lyn Fawver in General Rambling.

So I discovered somehow that the folder I have of photos from high school is a few things…

1. Woefully small
2. Had a ton of duplicates
3. Is funny.

So I just spent a few minutes cleaning up the dupes and rearranging the naming conventions to clean things up.  Here you are with some highlights from my senior year of high school some 10 years ago…

At Disneyland on our Senior Trip to Southern California.

At Magic Mountain on the Senior Trip

Yes, this is my prom picture… my "dates"

At the Winter Ball… in a dress my step mother made me… *shudder*

At Universal Studios on the Senior Trip… we're making 99 with our fingers (Jennie's looks much better than mine)

We did a terrible, melodramatic Greek play in drama class but one cool thing was that we actually went down to Crab Cove in Alameda to perform it… and Katie *shudder again* filmed it…

Jennie & I with our awards at the Senior Awards dinner… I don't remember what they were for lol

A group shot of those of us that went to prom as a group… with my lonely ass in the center lol

A candid of us at prom

The play we did that fall was Much Ado About Nothing… Jackie and I during the production

Rachel & I at the Senior Banquet.  She still fits into that dress.  Bitch. 😉

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