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10 Year High School Anniversary June 11, 2009

Posted by Trisha Lyn Fawver in General Rambling.

It's very fitting that my Quote of the Day widget on iGoogle showed this quote today, the 10 year anniversary of my graduation from Encinal High School.

"How my achievements mock me!" – William Shakespeare.

Fitting knowing me, no?

It's been a weird 10 years, and hot DAMN how time flies!  I managed to graduate from college, get married, and get settled in a career.  No kids yet, but I can easily see that happening in a year or two.  We down own this house, but we live in it.  I do love my two cats, Lunchbox and Muse, very dearly.  It's strange to think it's been so long.  I don't know where I thought I'd be at this point. I can imagine it probably had something to do with living in LA writing movies or acting.  I'm sure it didn't involve being married as I hadn't had a boyfriend yet and didn't know what I was doing wrong trying to get one, let alone find one and fall in love and get married.  I know I envisioned myself working at Camp Deer Lake throughout college, but that didn't happen either thanks to some ghetto bitchy girls that summer I did work there after high school that tried my patience.  I think that's why they didn't hire me again, but it worked out for the better…I got in working at the company my dad worked for and learned professionalism, work ethic, multitasking, and generally how to be successful in an office.  Something I use to this day.

Times were tough for awhile when I first graduated college while looking for a job, and a few months later when I lost that job and got a new one, and in the last month-ish while transitioning to this new job, but all that's really to be expected.  College was socially hard (not the classes, most were easy).  But moving back down here I've been able to keep the same friends I've had since 6th grade (and in Rachel's case, 4th).  I'm working with two of my fellow senior class officers to plan our 10 year reunion happening in August and it's really coming together. 

My change in direction from theatrical goals to affiliate marketing goals has afforded me the opportunity to visit Miami, Boston, Santa Barbara, Anaheim, Dallas, and Las Vegas SEVERAL times.  I'll also be going to Denver next week and New York City in August, which Dominic will be coming with me!  And along the way I was able to afford a great cruise to the Bahamas, a great 5th anniversary trip to Lake Tahoe, and several ventures back to Oregon to visit the in-laws. 

I can't say that things have worked out according to plan, since like I said my plans involved acting and writing, but it has turned out well.

Wow… 10 years ago….

As an embarassment to them, I'm going to type out VERBATIM what a few peeps wrote in my yearbook…I see a distinct pattern in that no one remembered the 'd' in Humboldt and " always" was all the rage in signing, even with guys!  And how is it that I just realized they spelled my last name wrong in the Senior Best section?!

Ladies and gentlemen,
May we please award Trisha Flodye for two awards.  One award for best leading actress and best produce.  Now can we have a warm welcome to Trisha Flodye!!!!
May you get many awards in your future career, whatever it maybe.
Rachel Nuckols
go class of 99!

Hey this year has been great.  I've known you for 6 yrs, even though it feels longer.  I'm going to miss you next year, so we better kick it this summer, a whole lot. 

They will EAT us!
They will EAT us!
What can I say?  You're now immortal because of that line and… POOR ELIZA!  Anyway when you're some big director or something, call me.  That is, if you're not to High from Humbolt.  Don't stop talking to me, and have fun next year.
Jennifer Acosta
"There is a happy land far, far away.  Where saints in glory stand, bright bright as day."

There's no bizz like show bizz is right.  you and me are destined to get & make it in Hollywood.  I'll see you there in 4 years.
friends 4 ever,
Katie Shaw
P.S. You'll have to give me your # @ colledge

Hello Trisha,
how are you today?  I hope you are well and all, ready to live in reality for a bit, not going insane with the fact that we aren't Encinal people anymore.  I'm not taking that too well yet!
See ya around,
Much love,

Hey Trisha!
Its been nice knowing you since 3rd grade.  We are finally done and over with this year!  Aren't you so proud?!  Well, have a nice summer & take care!
Bonnie Cartwright

So hey we now move on… To better things?  To worse things?  To new things!  I have known you hella long, and it's been a blast…Hope you do well in Humbolt!  I know you'll K.I.T…cuz yeah you're good like that…You my dawg Trisha…You my dawg! Always 'n forever
Tiffany (Fisher crossed out) Harrington (heehee!)

everdearest trisha…
well i've known you forever and we've come a long way.  i hate to say goodbye, so I wish you goodluck!  I can remember my b-day parties, do you?  take care of you and have fun.  god bless
always, Vanessa

you have been one of my bestfriend from the start.  I don't know how I'm going to get along with out you all.  Through all of our argument and our laughing none stop and all of our partying and our crying and our acting and our realism, you have never stop being my friend.  You introduce me to drama and that made me who I am today (president of Drama Club).  I was a lonly frosh and now look at me.  Thank you for myself.  Good Luck!

Dear Trisha,
As almost everyone else is wriging: "They will eat us!  They will eat us!"  The play was really fun, wasn't it?  Don't you miss the kids, especially my Vincent?  J/K!  You'll be graduating soon…I'll really miss you.  Too bad that we didn't get to know each other sooner.  Wish you luck for the future!  Maybe you'll be a great actress!
Agatha de la Cruz

Have a cool summer.  Congradulations on graduating.  Have a nice future.
c/o 99 Your friend,
& c/o 2000 Veronica Munoz

87 I'm okay, you're okay, we're all okay! 91
Hey now.  So yeah.  It was fun.  I doubt I'll see you in Hollywood, because I'll be such a great actor that I'll be on location all the time and living in New York.  And screw the Academy Aware -> I'm too good to go!  See ya around!

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