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Virus Woes July 9, 2009

Posted by Trisha Lyn Fawver in General Rambling.
This is fucking frustrating as all fucking get up and go.
Okay, I cursed and feel better.  But not good enough.  I’m contemplating the last resort – backing up my files, settings, music, and photos AGAIN, and wiping everything clean and starting fresh.  Which is a pain in my ass.  I thought I’d gotten rid of most of the virus problem I had a couple weeks ago except for some weird overclick thing that showed up periodically when I did a Google search that redirected me away from the page I was trying to get to in favor of some loser ass page that I can only assume is an affiliate page since all of this started when I was reviewing affiliate applications.  Then this mornng I noticed weird pop-ups while I was browsing around sites that I know don’t generate these pop-ups.  I decied to run the spyware/malware programs I have to get rid of any nasties, which took the majority of the afternoon.  A friend who’d had the same overclick thing recommended I run them while in Windows Safe Mode to be most effective, so I did. 
Then once I was done running everything and restarted into normal mode, Firefox and Internet Explorer were working, and it said the internet connection was working, but then neither program would actually show anything.  That was right around the time Dominic came home, who opened IE and saw the Diagnose thing and ran that and suggested I run the virus and malware programs again.  I didn’t know the diagnose thing was there since I pretty exclusively use Firefox. 
My secondary solution to get a new laptop so I can just do all work for the laptop and if something get fucked it’ll be super easy to reformat and start over is easier said than done.  It requires money I don’t have right now.  I’m hoping to have the dough soon to be able to do that, but until then I’m forced to work on my personal computer.  Which apparently means putting all my personal photos, music, files, videos, etc. in jeopardy.  I’ve never had these problems in three years of reviewing and approving affiliate applications, so I’m pretty pissed that all of a sudden it’s a problem… when I’m not using a computer that is someone else’s problem to fix or replace.  Sigh.
I think I’ve solved todays issues though.  I’m able to access the internet again (at least through IE, haven’t checked Firefox yet), I’ve got McAfee scanning away, Malwarebytes is done and I’m just waiting for McAfee to finish before I click OK to restart in Malwarebytes.  Most the stuff found so far says “Trojan”.  Great.  Excellent.  Fuck me.
So, this has taken all of today to get through, and I’ve gotten zero work done beyond my initial checking email this morning before I noticed the pop-up stuff.  One of the inherent problems in wiping my computer and reinstalling everything is that the version of Windows we had has expired.  So I’d have to go out and buy a new copy, which means buying Vista, and that’s not the most desireable thing for me.  All the software I use runs well in XP – I don’t want to risk Pamela or something not running in Vista.  And there’s the price, which won’t be bad and I can write off as a business expense, so it’ll work out in the long run.  It’s also just a major pain in the ass.
I’m hoping that once this is done everything will be hunky-dory and I can get some of my more pressing things to do today done so it’s not a total wash. I’m leaving next week to go to Oregon for a wedding and I will have limited computer access since Dominic and I will both be sharing the laptop – him for school work and me for work.  At least tonight I don’t have to worry about dinner since Damian owes us and is getting Taco Bell.  Mmm… sweet, sweet tacos…

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