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Award Winning Shot Glass Collection July 14, 2009

Posted by Trisha Lyn Fawver in General Rambling.

97th Annual Alameda County Fair Breaks Attendance Records!

July 14, 2009, Pleasanton, CA – During the first 11 days of this year’s run, the Alameda County Fair has broken attendance records in their 20+ years of record keeping.  To date, an outstanding 288,502 patrons have attended this year’s fair, according to Rick K. Pickering, CEO.  “The fair is on track to see well over 400K attendees by the end of fair,” he states.

Fully able to accommodate the average 30K daily visitors, the fair encompasses some 267 acres, making it one of the largest fairs in California, numbering 84, statewide.  Nationally, the Alameda County Fair ranks 50 in attendance among all fairs in the US.

And yes, ladies and germs, I won 4th place for my shot glass collection in the hobby competition there.  BOOYA!  I haven't yet taken the pictures of me with the case and the award ribbon inside, but for your reference here's the picture I took before the case was closed the day I set it up.  This is only about 2/3 of my collection, by the way.  Next year I'm going to submit my dolphins!


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