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Decorated the House… Finally October 4, 2009

Posted by Trisha Lyn Fawver in General Rambling.

It's only been 14 months since we moved in here, but I've finally put up our paintings and pictures on the walls.  It's actually very strange that I haven't done it sooner, especially considering our long term committment to live here in my dad's house, but it's been a crazy year.  In the last year I've changed jobs twice and gone from working in an office to working from home.  With the availability of wall space, I plotted out where things were going to go, generally, before hanging them and I have to say I think it all turned out well.  I went back and forth today between hanging things on the walls and upgrading all my installations of WordPress on my various blogs and websites, with a trip to K-Mart for shelves peppered in.

I really focused on the living room and hallway today.  Tomorrow I have plans, so I think next weekend or sometime during the week is when I'll attempt to focus on hanging the few things in the bedroom and have Dominic hang the shelves.  He also needs to fix the hole in the wall in the kitchen that was created when I removed the shot glass shelves before the fair and rehang the one still down and the new one I bought.  I'm up to four shelves and I need to get them all back up.  The shelves I bought today at K-mart are nice black shelves to go in the bedroom to put all my dolphin stuff on and Dominic's dragon stuff on.  Then hanging the shadow box of wedding stuff, the wedding portrait, and the embroidered date thingy (hard to describe) in the bedroom will complete everything, pretty much. 

Back in August when we went to New York to go to Affiliate Summit, we bid on and won a digital picture frame in a silent auction benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City.  I just got around to messing with the frame today and it's pretty cool, though with the size of the photos I'm loading onto it I'm limited to around 400 (I'd originally picked out about 1300 to go on it).  I need to read the manual to check out the optimal size and do some resizing… or go buy an SD card to put photos on, either way.  We're not sure where to hang it since the cord has to be plugged in and we don't want the cats messing with it.  So it's sitting on top of my printer for the time being.  Of  course, messing with the photos for that got me remembering that I had a bunch of photos from the fair (and since) to go through, so I did that and I'm uploading the finished photos dutifully to Flickr and Kodak Gallery right now.

Without further ado, here's some photos of the decor.  Holy shit, our house actually looks like people live here and don't just crash somewhere lol.

The wall between the bathroom door and my desk.  The lower picture is a drawing Dominic's sister Noelle drew:

The wall above the couch… all painted by my late grandmother Jean:

Hard to photograph this, but the wall with the mirror behind the TV and DVD racks:

Between the front door and the front window, photo by Bryan Wilson:

The hall to our bedroom… family & some friend photos:

Some of this was here, but I found my grad caps and some other assorted memorabilia so rearranged this:

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