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New Year’s Eve 2009 January 1, 2010

Posted by Trisha Lyn Fawver in General Rambling.

So despite some initial potential drama at the onset of where to get together for New Year's Eve this year, once we got past that a good time was had by all.  It ended up that Katie wasn't feeling well & stayed home, & Jennie is on bed rest by Doctor's orders, so it was me, Lorenza, Rachel, Steve, & Dominic.  We ate bad pizza (well, I'm not a fan of Little Caesars personally, but there were no general complaints).  We made margaritas, something we haven't done in AGES thanks to Rachel bringing over her Magic Bullet blender.  It's a handy little thing… and makes me wonder where the fuck my blender ever went.  It's got to be in a box in the garage somewhere!  I finally broke down the box of various liquor that we've had since we moved from the apartment in San Leandro some 2-3 years ago.  There was interesting stuff in there… in fact that's where the strawberry margarita mix came from!  Totally unopened bottle for the win!  I had also braved a NYE trip to Safeway earlier in the evening and picked up OJ and vodka for some screwdrivers, but ended up sticking with one alcohol.  It hasn't done me any good since I have a headache today… not sure if it can truly be classified as a hangover since I wasn't that drunk at all and I sorta had a headache all day yesterday that never went 100% away, so it's hard to tell.

Anyway, we also played a good game of Scene It.  Dominic had never actually played and, while he's pretty sure he didn't answer a single question right, he got about half way around the board by the end and had a good time.  I had a great time – and yes, it's probably because I have the satisfaction of being the winner!  Steve also introduced us to a new drop shot that will probably be resurrected in the future since Dominic & Lorenza seemed to enjoy it.  It's basically a shot of Hot Damn dropped into a glass of Red Bull & allegedly tastes just like Big Red gum.  They tried to get me to drink one, but I knew I wouldn't like it since I really don't like cinnamon gum at all.  Lorenza actually wanted to chew some gum afterwards.  See the video… and I apologize for it being shaky, I was apparently more buzzed than I thought:



Perhaps I should have taken more photos of the evening, but there's wasn't a whole lot going on necessarily.  After Scene It we turned on Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve with Ryan Seacrest.  Yes, I typed the whole thing out because it sounds so ridiculous.  We saw a just sad performance by Jennifer Lopez in a skintight, all-too-close to camel toe jumpsuit.  Someone like Britney Spears can get away with such a jumpsuit, but 40 some year old Jennifer Lopez shouldn't be wearing that shit.  We did the countdown and had a great evening. 

I guess I should also recap my Christmas since I never did write about it.  It was good; we went up to Oregon to visit Dominic's family.  He got me the Pictionary Man game, which we were going to play last night but didn't get around to it.  He also bought me some nice amethyst earrings.  I bought him a nice tie clip and the last Robert Jordan book, and another thing that I can't mention yet since it hasn't arrived and he may read this lol.  He'll like it though.  I also got "The Hollywood Book of Death" from Jennie & Tim (& baby!  on the way), the Ariel Precious Moment's ornament from Lorenza, "Seeking Spirits" and a travel channel DVD from Katie, and an Ariel Aquarius mug from Rachel.  Good stuff.  We also took advantage of the after Christmas sales and zero sales tax in Oregon and bought a new Christmas tree.  It's a lot better than the one we have – pre-lit, 6" tall, and assembles in 3 steps instead of the one we have that has every branch go on individually.  We're going to box this one up and give it to his brother.  I wish we could just have a real tree, but Dominic's allergies don't allow it.  Oh well, this will be a breeze to put up next year. 

I was going to pull down all the decorations today, but my head is hurting too much.  So I've decided that a Family Guy marathon is a better idea.  I will probably take everything down tomorrow.  In the meantime, I'll leave you with a photo of our tree with presents underneath and a shot of the sunrise when we were leaving Oregon.

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