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January Update January 15, 2010

Posted by Trisha Lyn Fawver in General Rambling.
This month is half over, and there's a few things I meant to blog about but haven't gotten around to them.  So, here we go!

So Steve sent out a mass email a couple weeks ago that Voltaire was going to be playing at the Sacanime show in Sacramento and he wanted someone to go with him, or else he was going alone.  I was bummed out because of some other things that I'll get to soon enough, so I said sure – I'll go.  Admittedly, the way he worded it in his email, I thought it was a movie.  But after talking to him, quickly found it was a music group.  And of course come show time, realized it's one dude.  Who is awesome.

I've had his songs stuck in my head all week; it's really quite infectious.  He's got some for free on iTunes which I highly recommend – just search for Voltaire and download his podcast from 2007 – it's not a podcast at all, just a few songs he tossed up for free.  Now, I guess Steve's been listening to Voltaire for like 10 years, and has always managed to miss his concerts when he's been in his area.  So he went MAJOR fanboy on him…it's safe to describe him as positively GIDDY when he got Voltaire to sign some of his swag… AND Steve was standing front row center for the show while I sat back in the chairs and video taped it.  Lucky for us I was taping because during one song Voltaire asked Steve up on stage to sing with him.  What kind of fanboy wet dream is that?!  So that's now captured for prosperity, and I'm officially a fan of Voltaire.  I bought a shirt that says "If it involves Dorritos, Mountain Dew, and Bloodshed – Count Me In!"  I bought it with the intention of selling it to my brother, but it grew on me and I think I'll keep it.  After I wash it and try it on I'll make a decision… if' it fits snugly then I'll sell it to him. 

As I mentioned, this concert was at the Sacanime show.  That was weird… there's definitely a reason I don't go to places like that.  Too many young kids and teenagers for my taste.  Annoying.  Beyond the fact that nothing about anime interests me in the slightest.  I can safely say I'd have more interest in a comicon!

*Wine Charms*
For Christmas I etched some wine glasses as gifts for my mother in law and Dominic's aunt Bridget.  I then got the idea from parusing for something on the Michael's Crafts website to make wine charms to go with them.  So I did, and they LOVED THEM.  Michelle (MIL) raved about them to her mom & Dom's other aunt Julie and when we arrived at Christmas dinner at his grandmother's house they told me they'd officially recruited me to make some for them to sell at their holiday bazaar at the church next year.  Bridget raved about hers too and told me how nice they were.  Dom's mom just told me the other day that she loves hers and uses them every Sunday when there's more people up at the house for dinner.  Somewhere along this journey, someone suggested I make some and sell them.  So I'm making some sets and have put a few up for sale on Etsy.com/shop/BlinkstarMedia.  I have more made at home that I need to bust out my table top lighting studio and take photos of to list.  I'm also taking some with me to the conference I'm going to this weekend to show a woman who runs a site called OurHandmadeGifts.com and she may be interested in selling them on her site too.  Which would be awesome.

I take requests, so if there's a theme of charms or colors you'd like and are willing to pay $10 for a set of 5 or 6, let me know.  Oh, here's the pics of some:

*Job Stuff*
Last Friday, I apparently made a career move.  My hand was forced!  I was called by my current boss around noon that they were making a business decision to stop using contractors out of the area and to bring all accounts in-house for the new team in Boulder, CO to work on.  She went on and on about how I was the best person on her team, one of the best affiliate managers in the industry, and how if I were in Boulder she'd have me running a small division myself.  But, she knows I can't (and don't want to) move to Boulder, so they're letting me go at the end of the month.  I'll work on the jewelry client I've been working with since June and then nothing.  She also admitted that she pays them FAR less than me.  Which is kind of insulting that I just can't be kept because I'm expensive, because honestly the average affiliate manager in this industry makes $80-$120 K and I don't make even half the low ball estimate.  Whatever.

So I hung up the phone, yelled for a minute, then started doing what I did last April when I was let go from New Edge with zero notice… emailing every contact in the industry I have asking them for leads on new positions.  I got on a couple phone calls and by 3pm I had a new job lined up.  I signed the contract yesterday.  It'll be for slightly more money, a higher performance incentive bonus, doing client support and sales for an automated coupon feed website.  I won't be an affiliate manager in the traditional sense anymore, but it's a smooth transition.  I'm excited, and I even start working for them officially tomorrow and on Monday will be putting some time in for them at their booth at Affiliate Summit (which I was always planning on going to).  I'm a contract worker for 3 months while they're in the midst of redoing some HR stuff internally, then I'll be brought in as a full employee once they get that sorted.  It's awesome.

So yeah… new job within 3 hrs.  I know that pisses some people off, but it really proves to me that this is a career I'm working on here, not just another job.  And that feels good.

That's about all I have to update on the past goings on in January, other than I finally took down my Christmas decorations this week.  A little late for me, but work's been nutty.  Hopefully with this change to a new job and everything, things will calm down.  I hope!

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