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February Update February 23, 2010

Posted by Trisha Lyn Fawver in General Rambling.
I realize I haven't really written an update in awhile, not since imploring people to help support the school Dominic's siblings attend.  That's gone very well, thank you!  They gave the family 30 tickets to sell and I helped to sell 29 of them!  It feels really great to help; I know the school needs support.  So big thanks to everyone who has bought a raffle ticket so far, and if you haven't and still want to, let me know.  We have family friends who are also trying to sell tickets and having a tough time.

Incidentally, just do not PayPal me money and write "raffle ticket" anywhere in there – it violates PayPal's policies and they already bitch slapped me once, I'd rather not get my account shut down.  That would just be a huge pain in my ass.

The New Job
It's going well! Some days are crazy busy, others are slower and totally manageable.  I'm sure as I pick up more of the technical aspects, like setting up billing and whatnot, there will be more for me to do and less for me to ask for help with.  It's very nice to work with these people – I have to say that I do love it so far.

My Blogs (yeah, the other ones…)
There's something wrong with my main blog, TrishaLyn.com, and I can't figure it out.  I get weird, somewhat random Internal Server 500 Errors.  I also can't update to the most recent version of WordPress because I'm using too old of a My SQL database.  I'm attempting to fix this now, but I honestly don't know what the hell I'm doing, and I just hope I don't fuck it up worse than it already is.  I'm downloading all the files to back it up first, then going from there.  I can dream.  Otherwise, Food Askew is on auto pilot as usual and Girl Scout Guide is going kind of slow.  I just haven't had the motivation.  I want to get the new badge books so I can post more badge help there, but I've been lazy.  I need to find out if the Cadette/Senior book has actually been updated since the version I have, because if not there's no reason for me to buy new ones. 

My Health
I've been working on keeping my diabetes better in check.  I went to the doctor a couple weeks ago and she prescribed me another medication to take to help.  I'm optimistic, and back to checking my blood sugar more often like I should be.  On the downside, and this has nothing to do with the other, my back has been hurting a lot lately.  I think it may be a result of the chair I use at my desk, but not sure.  I bought one of those yoga balance balls to sit on because I heard they did great things for your posture and back to sit on those while you work.  The problem, as I soon came to find out, is that my desk is a bit tall to do that and it puts my arms at an awkward angle.  No good.  So back to the drawing board.  I found a new desk set that I really want if I don't get completed ass fucked on my taxes this year, what with the whole 1099 contractor deal, so I'll at least wait to get a new chair until after I know if I can get a new desk set or not.  Fingers are crossed.

Other Crap
I don't think much else is going on.  Dominic turns 30 next week and we're going to Hooters to celebrate on Friday.  He didn't want a big fuss and honestly, I don't think I could have thrown some big to do anyway.  He's never been to a Hooters, so it should be mildly entertaining I guess.  Not sure what we'll do afterwards, if anything.  It's up to him. 

I think I may start writing more stuff and posting it here to share.  Feedback welcome, but constructive feedback, please.


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