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About Me

I’ll keep this short and sweet.  This blog is strictly my personal bullshit, and does not reflect the thoughts or opinions of my business relationships or employer whatsoever.

That said, I do also blog for my company and for myself elsewhere.  I’ll mention them from time to time, I’m sure.

I may also throw an affiliate link up if it’s relevant to what I’m talking about.  Probably won’t happen all that much, but consider yourself warned.  They may show up as ping.fm links since I will often post to here, MySpace, and LiveJournal using the convenience of ping.fm.

So yeah, remember that this is JUST ME… if you prefer my professional stuff, go read it elsewhere and I’ll love you forever.  But this is semi-uncensored me.  I will use profanity whenever it flows.  I will speak my mind.  I will vent.

If you can hang with that, let’s roll.

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